Khichara Festival to promote Tharu culture

Bharatpur, Jan 6: The Khichara festival is being organized here in a bid to protect the Tharu culture.

It is the sixth in series of the festival being organized on the occasion of the Maghi, the biggest festival of Tharu community.

Information to this was shared by Tharu Welfare Assembly Area 7 Khairahani at a news conference here Saturday. Preparation is expedited for the festival to be organized at Gaucharan of Khairahani municipality from January 12 to 21.

Coordinator of the main organizing committee, Chudamani Chaudhary informed that the programmes promoting Tharu culture would be focused during the festival. The festival would help the Tharu culture make known to other communities as well, he hoped.

Various food items would be prepared and served; mini museum set up; recreational activities conducted and cultural pageants held during the festival. (RSS)

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