Nation builder's contributions recalled

Kathmandu, Jan 11: People representing diverse sectors of the country said it was the shared duty of all to pay homage to Prithvi Narayan Shah as he was the founder of the identity of Nepal and Nepali. 

While garlanding a statue of Prithvi Narayan on the occasion of 297th Prithvi Jayanti at western main gate of Singha Durbar in the capital today, former Chairperson of the Interim Council of Ministers Khil Raj Regmi said, "It was Prithvi Narayan's contribution which made us proud as Nepal and Nepali in the globe".

Talking to RSS, he further said, "No one can forget the contributions of Prithvi Narayan. We should evaluate his contributions rising above the political level. His contributions and longevity would remain intact in the soil of Nepal," Regmi asserted.

Also speaking on the occasion, Nepal Academy Chancellor Dr Ganga Prasad Uprety said Prithvi Narayan is associated to the identity of Nepal. "Prithvi Narayan is an esteemed personality and worth-celebrating for Nepal and entire Nepali. His precepts are still relevant in the state operation and governance. We should always be respectful to his ideals and actions".

Nepal Academy Vice-Chancellor Dr Jagman Gurung said the federal republic was established in Nepal as the nation-building of Nepal was made possible under the leadership of Prithvi. RSS

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