Unique chances of making some bucks by donating old denims

By Arpana Adhikari

Kathmandu, Jan. 15: You may have fostered a habit of letting your worn-out clothes gather dust in your closet or throwing them into trash. You should now be thinking about giving up this habit if you want to make some money, because donating your old and unwanted jeans to charity can fetch you a few bucks.
This may come as a surprise to many, but you can make some bucks by donating your old denims for the disadvantaged and for supporting charitable organisations, no matter how worn- out you think they are.
Women for Human Rights (WHR), a single women’s group, with the support of Khalisisi.com, a waste management company, will be happily collecting the damaged jeans at your doorsteps paying you Rs. 10 per kg to use them to make school bags for the needy children of single women.
Talking to The Rising Nepal, Sumeera Shrestha, Executive Director of WHR, said donating your old clothes to charity is a wonderful way to promote reuse and to stop clothes from going to waste.
Shrestha shared the WHR has been providing scholarship to 200-300 needy children of single women annually and has been conducting ‘Back to School Progarmme’ to bring the school drop-out children back to school. This drive was motivated by the same idea, she added.
They have already prepared samples of the bag. Usually, two to three jeans pants are needed to make a bag, said Shrestha, adding, “This initiative will also provide job opportunities for single women associated with single women entrepreneur groups.”
She said they were looking for the sponsors to assist the campaign so that they could support more children in the coming days, said Thapa.
Aayushi KC, founder CEO of Khalisisi.com, said “Usually two to three jeans make up one kilogram, anything above that would be ideal for a pickup. To start selling your old jeans for a cause, schedule your pick up at Khaalisis.com and our Khaalisisi friend nearest to your location will come for pick up and pay Rs. 10/kgs for the jeans.”
She said reusing one piece of jeans prevents the emission of over four kilograms of C02. This was a simple solution to start with the damaged old jeans to save the environment and create job for single women.
KC said people have to realise and understand the environmental benefits in seeking a convenient way to having their old clothes recycled and reused instead of throwing them in the garbage.
“This is a long run campaign to save our environment and we will soon introduce more innovative ideas to recycle other wastages. We have also aimed to make Nepal as the world’s top 20 recycling nation by 2030,” said KC.
“What happens to your favourite denims after you are done with them? Either you pass it to someone, or use them as cleaning clothes or throw them into the trash and send them off to the landfill. In simple terms, it causes harm to the environment,” said Uma Thapa of WHR.
“So if you want to keep your rooms tidy and clean then you should hand them over to someone in need,” she said urging the people to participate in this charitable work.
Sharmila Rai of Siphal said, “Clothes, even of the highest quality, simply doesn’t last forever; it reaches the end of their lifespan. But I don’t like to throw things away, if they have uses.”
“If someone has come up with such an innovative idea with noble cause, I will definitely support such step and will donate my old jeans instead of selling them, “said Rai.  

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