Illegal liquor shops on rise in Bajura

By Our Correspondent, Bajhang, Jan 22:  Two years after the country adopted a new policy to coherently regulate sales of alcoholic products in the country, illegal liquor shops are still running in the district.

As per the provision of the policy, only the licensed shops can sell alcohol for certain hours. However, liquor shops are in operation in every village of the district without receiving license.

Lately, the majority of the grocery shops, stationeries, garment shops and even the medical shops are found selling liquors without license.  Despite this alarming situation, the local authority has not paid any attention to control the illegal business of liquor in the district.

Both the local authority and police administration have remained silent over the case and failed to bring them into the criteria of taxation, Jay Kumar Rokaya, a local, said.  

Like the daily goods, these seal packed liquors are available in every shop and shops of home-brewed liquor are increasing in the districts, he added.

“If the local body brings these illegal shops under the law, revenue of millions of rupees can be collected,” he said.

It is estimated that more than 1,000 of such illegals liquor shops were operating across the district.

Although the local body has imposed integrated property tax on the people of the area, these illegal shops were found selling even seal packed liquors without receiving permission, he added.

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