Road accident fatalities up in Chitwan

Chitwan, Jan 24 : Road accident fatalities have risen in Chitwan district. Ninety-one people lost their lives and 340 have been injured to road accidents in the district over the last six months of the current fiscal year. 

The District Traffic Police Office Chitwan stated that 20 people were killed in road accidents occurred along the East-West Highway section, 15 along the Narayangadh-Muglin section, 17 along the Prithvi Highway, 11 within the Bharatpur municipality area and 28 in the branch and inner roads in the district in the period. The highest number of fatalities comprises the motorcycle riders.

The number of people killed in accidents involving motorcycle is 37 and the number of pedestrians killed in road accidents is 22. Similarly, number of bus passengers killed in accidents is 17, the number of cyclists is six and the number of fatalities involving people travelling in truck and tankers is six, travelling in jeep and car is three and travelling in auto-rickshaw is one.

The fatality in the corresponding period of last fiscal year in the district was 61 people killed and 230 people injured in 115 road accidents.

A total of 271 road accidents were reported in the district throughout the last fiscal year which claimed 132 lives and 529 people sustaining injuries.

The District Traffic Police Office said that the number of road accidents has increased in the district in the current fiscal year compared to the previous fiscal year.

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