Unique flower at the centre of annual fair

Golbazaar (Siraha), April 14: A grand fair has taken place at Fulbari of Siraha with the flowering of the Haram tree.

This flower is unique in that it blooms only on the Nepali New Year's Day every year and this is why it is revered and holds importance.

Hundreds of people from different districts of the country and Bihar, Kolkata and Patna in India have assembled at Fulbari to observe this unique and peculiar flower. Fulbari is about four kilometers west of Lahan, a town in Siraha district.

The visitors also take this opportunity to pay obeisance at the Salhes Temple that is located in the middle of the remnant of a garden that spreads over some 10 bigahas area. It is believed one's wishes are fulfilled praying at this temple.

It is said that a king by the name Salahes who ruled over Mahisotha state during 1325 BS had a flower garden where the present garden is located. His love, a woman named Kushama Malini, used to garland the king every morning, expressing her love for him.

The legend has it that the flower that blooms on the Haram tree every New Year's Day is the same garland that Kushama used to put around King Salahesh's neck. Thus, this is a symbol of immortal love between the king and his love, it is believed. 

Following this belief, many couples in love tie the knot in this garden today. There is the religious belief that tying the knot in this 'sacred' garden makes the married life successful.

The Haram tree that stands in the garden has now become an icon of love or a 'love point' for lovers.

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