14-year boy aims to scale highest peaks of 7 continents

By Binu Shrestha

Kathmandu, Feb. 1: Sonam Sherpa, a 14-year old boy, is going to launch a campaign to conquer the highest peaks of all seven continents from March.
Sonam is going to make efforts to climb the tallest summits of seven continents with his father Purna Kumar (P K) Sherpa with the aim of generating awareness about climate change throughout the world through mountaineering.
Soman Sherpa, a 9th grader of Alpine Valley School, said that he had already experienced mountain expedition up to 5,000 feet above sea level. He hopes that the expedition will not be difficult because all summits he is climbing this year are below 6,000 feet.
“As per the planned schedule, we will climb Mount Everest in May 2020, when I will be 16 years old,” said Sonam.
“My aim is not to make any new record in mountaineering but to encourage the young people to do something to preserve the nature and save the earth.” he added. He said that he was enthusiastically participating in every nature related works with his father.
According to him, nature loving behaviour of his father encouraged him to connect the campaign on global warming with mountaineering.
“I have read about the effects of climate change in the textbook, but I feel proud when I will observe the effects of climate change during the mountaineering expedition with my father.” said the teenaged mountaineer.
“All the journeys have become very fruitful. It supported my study, it’s like a practical exam.” he said. “During my mountaineering experience I have also observed the changes in mountains. It makes me compel to work to preserve the nature for myself and next generation.”
Earlier, he was to begin his adventurous campaign by climbing Mount Kosciuszko of Australia in February.
“But we have postponed it by a months as Sonam has to appear in the final examination in his school,” his father P K Sherpa said.
He said that he and Sonam were climbing the highest peak in each of the seven continents under the 7 Peaks of the World Father and Son Expedition.”As per the schedule, the expedition will begin from Kosciuszko in March 2019. The second mountain they will climb will be Elbrus in June.
Similarly, they will climb Kilimanjaro in September, Denali in December, Aconcagua and Vinson Massif in February 2020 and finally Mount Everest in May 2020.
Sonam is going to climb 8,848 m Mount Everest of Asia, 6,962m Mount Aconcagua of South America, 5,896m Kilimanjaro of Africa, 5642m Mount Elbrus of Europe, 6,194 m Denali of North America, 4,892mVinson Massif of Antarctica and 2,130 m Mount Kosciuszko of Australia.
“For the first time, a pair of father and son is setting out to climb 7 highest peaks of 7 continents, a youngest climber is leading the global campaign on climate change with an am of reaching the highest points in all seven continents,” P.K. highlighted the features of his son’s mountaineering expedition.
He also said that promoting Visit Nepal 2020 and Nepal’s tourism is another objective of their mountaineering expedition.
“Above all we want to make the developing counties, which suffer the most from the impact of climate change-realise their roles in preserving earth’s ecological bio-diversity,” he said.
“During my two-decade mountaineering experience I have observed the changes in mountains, especially; the mountains are turning darker than they were before. Many black rocks have appeared in place of smooth white snow.” said PK Sherpa.  

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