Sonam Lhosar Celebrated

Kathmandu, Feb. 5: The Tamang community on Tuesday marked Sonam Lhosar as their New Year Day by organising various programmes across the country, including in Kathmandu.

Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Ishwor Pokharel inaugurated Sonam Lhosar festival amidst a huge gathering of the people from Tamang community at Tundikhel here.

National Sonam Lhosar-2855 Main Organising Committee had orgnasied the event.

Kumar Ghising, vice-president of Nepal Tamang Ghedung, said that the Tamang community has been celebrating Sonam Lhosar at Tundikhel for 24 years.

Sonam Lhosar is the main cultural festival of the Tamangs. They mark it by performing worship and prayers and taking blessing from elder persons of the family and the society, he said.

They celebrated the festival with much fanfare by extending greetings to each other and feasting on traditional cuisines.

Cultural performances of the Lama, Bombo, Tamba and joint performances of other communities like Newar, Magar, Rai and Jayapu made this year’s progamme different from the programmes of previous years.

The Tamangs divide their year into 12 cycles and each cycle is represented by 12 different animals-- Garuda (eagle), serpent, horse, sheep, monkey, bird, dog, deer, mouse, cow, tiger and cat.

The Tamangs' year entered into the Pig cycle on Tuesday from the dog cycle of bygone year.

Different programmes were also organised in the major Tamang settlements of State 3 and in Kaski, Lamjung, Tanahu and Nawalparsi districts of State 4.

Men and women of all age groups attired in traditional Tamang dresses and ornaments participated in the cultural events held at Tundikhel.

The atmosphere at the Tundikhel looked special due to the gathering of the Tamang people living in the Kathmandu Valley.

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