Butwal sub-metropolitan city constructing park at every ward

Rupandehi, Feb 7: The Butwal Sub-metropolitan City has forwarded a plan to developing park at every municipality ward to promote greenery in the city. 

The sub-metropolitan city, the temporary capital of the Province-5, has begun a bid to construct at least one public park in each of its 19 wards. It has allocated Rs 12 million for the same in the current fiscal year, said Kalpana Aryal, an official at the tourism promotion division of the Sub Metropolis.

The project was forwarded with the collaboration of the province government. The hill park, Ramapithecus Park and Mani Mukunda Sen park were being constructed and upgraded lately.

Mayor Shivaraj Subedi shared that the bid would even be effective to attract more and more tourists.

Prior to this, the sub-metropolis has developed a long term plan to develop it as an archaeological settlement, building Batauli Museum in the old building of the then Butwal Municipality, construction of a massive statue of Buddha at Hill Park and Buddha Circuit Park, preparation for the construction of Ramapithekas Geological Park at Shivanagar community forest.

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