Rai grows vegetables using bottle-irrigation

Salleri, Feb 10:  Harkadhoj Rai, a farmer of Mahakulung-1 in Solukhumbu district, has been producing agro products and growing nurseries for the last two decades.

He started using local technology, which he himself invented, for irrigating his farms as his farmlands lie in the area where there is a shortage of water for irrigation.

The irrigation technology he has been applying has also become popular among the farmers of Mahakulung and Sotang Rural Municipalities in the district.

He has been irrigating his vegetable gardens using the  empty bottles of soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

He said 'drop irrigation' using the bottles had become more effective while it had also emerged as a mulching technology.

People throw away the bottles after drinking the products, but Harkadhoj Rai collects them to use for irrigating his vegetable gardens.

He fills the bottles with water and tightens their lids. But he makes a small hole in the bottom of each bottle through which the water passes to the roots of the vegetable plants.  

He said that the farmers who came to observe his farm were encouraged to apply the technology to irrigate their farms.

Usha Kirati, a farmer of Mahakulung-4, said that reuse of the empty bottles had supported to preserve the environment in the village.

She said that she had started using the same technology in her farm.

Likewise, Abinda Kumar Rai, a farmer of Mahakulung-5, said that the technology was more effective for the farmers of the municipality because they could not reach their farms every day as they had farmlands in different areas.

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