Forest encroachment in Bhojpur increasing

Bhojpur, Feb 13: Encroachment on the forest areas in Bhojpur district, which covers 50.78 per cent of its total land, has been increasing alarmingly lately leading to loss of forest and its resources. 

It has been estimated that around 68.68 hectare of forest land has been encroached upon in Bhojpur district so far.

According to the Division Forest Office, Forest spans 77,323 hectare of area in Bhojpur district.

Forests in the district have been encroached in various 36 places in the district while the largest forest encroachment was taken place under then Area Forest Office, Boyama. A total of 37.5 hectare of forest was found to be encroached upon here.

Similarly, 7.35 hectare of forest was intruded under then Area Forest Office, Balankha, 9.1 hectare forest under then Area Forest Office, Yaku.

The Division Forest Office has said that deliberations were being held with the various Forest Users Group to bring the encroached forest area under the public land.

Furthermore, forest encroachers would be brought to book as per the Forest Act-2049 according to which the culprit will be slapped a year of prison and Rs 10,000 or both. The encroached land will be revoked and the land ownership will remain on the government.

"Forest encroachers have been on the prowl in Bhojpur for so long,” the Office said, adding that it was taking necessary measures to curb the forest encroachment and management.

Forest in Bhojpur has been encroached since 2040 BS, according to the Office.

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