Structures created encroaching upon market place

Khalang, Feb 18: Locals from Chandannath Municipality of Jumla district have constructed huts and houses, encroaching up the marketplace, flouting the rule.

Although the locals created structures encroaching upon the marketplace, the Municipality office has not paid due attention to it.

Criteria were set to set up the structures while announcing the municipality, but it is yet to be implemented effectively. One needs to get the survey of the map for the construction endorsed, but this rule is flatly ignored.

When the huts and houses were created in the marketplace, it has not only narrowed the shopping space but also the road.

The huts are raised at Tatopani, Rarahili, Kudari, Sinja area creating hurdles to the pedestrian and vehicles. "It's very difficult for vehicle movement owing to random construction of structures," said a jeep driver Rabi GC.

Chairperson of Ward No 5 in Chandannath municipality, Arjun Singh Kathayat, however, said such random construction would be controlled gradually. (RSS)


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