Women can be self-reliant through cooperatives: Minister Aryal

Lalitpur, March 10: Minister for Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation Padma Kumari Aryal underlined the importance of women cooperatives activists in making women self-dependent through cooperatives.

Inaugurating the national seminar on 'Women Empowerment and Inclusiveness in Cooperatives' organised here today, Minister Aryal said cooperatives could be an effective means for making women self- dependent.

She urged women to work in the areas of their interest to be successful saying that identity and prestige could be earned by working in any field.

She urged women to involve in earning activities through cooperatives and uplift their economic conditions. "Be a good cooperative worker and help other many women being economically self -dependent through cooperatives," she said.

"Bringing others up to your level is a great thing. To improve you, you can choose any field and need not to chose politics and cooperatives sectors. But by involving in cooperatives, you should be able to improve the condition of yourself and others together," she said.

The cooperatives sector is contributing for the women empowerment significantly, now it should be utilised to enhance the capability of women, she said.

She urged women to make influencing claims for the leadership in cooperatives for enhancing their capability. "Dedication and regularity in works help enhance the capability while the responsibility will help to make one mature in their works," he said.

She, however, said that the aim of feminist revolution was not to establish matriarchal society to abolish the patriarchal society.

She said that the government would focus on grass-root cooperatives while providing grants at the cooperatives sector. She said that the government would distribute grants on the basis of a just and equal society.

The seminar was organised by National Cooperatives Federation in support of the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperative and Poverty Alleviation.

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