Police plan to tame Biplav

By Purushottam P. Khatri

Kathmandu, Mar. 14: Nepal Police have made preparations to come up with a new security plan to deal with the violent movement of Netra Bikram Chand Biplav-led group after the government formally imposed a ban on their activities in the country.
Nepal Police have now got an authority to detain them and foil every move of the Biplav-led party cadres framed at any part of the country, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) and spokesperson of Nepal police Uttam Raj Subedi told The Rising Nepal.
The government on Tuesday evening decided to impose a on the Biplav-led group and its activities.
The police force will now adopt an aggressive security strategy to foil their every effort targeted against destruction, to cause damage to national infrastructures and security threats to the public, he said. biplab
"Following the government's decision, the police administration will have authority to arrest every cadre of the group at any time and from anywhere of the country," SSP Subedi said.
“Though the Police Headquarters has yet to receive formal letter of the notification of the ban imposed on the group, we have regularly been conducting our search operations targeting the members of the Biplav-led group,” Subedi said.
“We will arrest only the members who have been charged with various blames and confirming their involvement in the specific incident,” he said. Following the government’s decision, the group will be considered illegal to host any kind of gathering, meeting and protest in any public place, he said.
Meanwhile, joint secretary and spokesperson at the Ministry of Home Affairs Ram Krishna Subedi said that the Ministry will make its formal views public only after the government’s spokesperson makes the decision of the cabinet public on Thursday (March 14).
“We can’t speak anything regarding Chand’s group and the future action to be taken against the group from the government’s side until the cabinet decision is made public,” Subedi said.
According to the latest records of the Nepal Police, over 400 cadres of the Biplav-led group were detained from different parts of the country as of mid-March, 2019 from April 14, 2018.
SSP Subedi said that the police had detained over 55 cadres of the group within the month of Falgun, 2075 after their activities went violent. The number of arrestees of the Biplav-led group was at 382 on the third week of Falgun, 2075, he said.
According to the Police Headquarters, the Durbarmarga-based Metropolitan Police Circle detained three cadres of Biplav from Kathmandu on Tuesday evening.
Biplav’s party on February 23 had exploded a bomb at the main entrance gate of private telecommunication company, Ncell at Nakkhu of Lalitpur killing a persona and injuring three others.
At present, the Biplav-led group has been intensifying its extortion drive targeting the businessmen and traders, big corporate houses and also exploding bombs in the public places and private homes to create panic and terror.  

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