Rupandehi turning hub for agro-tourism

By Our Correspondent

astrichBhairahawa, Mar. 18: As commercial agriculture prospers in Rupandehi, the potential for agro-tourism has also increased in the district.
With attractions like professional farming of ostrich, fish and bees, Nepal’s largest cow farm and research centre, organic cultivation of vegetables and the expansion of the mushroom pocket area, the district has become a hub for agro-tourism in the region.
Especially the Ostrich Nepal Pvt. Ltd. farm located in Gangolia, Tilottama Municipality has succeeded in attracting not just domestic tourists but also foreign ones.
“We get around a thousand visitors a day, of which, nearly 20 per cent are foreigners,” said C.P. Sharma, Manager of Ostrich Nepal.
Sharma said, “We have had high-profile visitors like ambassadors, high-ranking officials and research teams from South Korea, Malaysia, China, Japan, the Netherland, Israel and India.
He further added, “They suggest us to develop this is a model farm.”
Sharma, further, informed that he aims to develop his farm as an ostrich research centre in the future.
Also located in Tilottama is Lumbini Agro Product and Research Centre, Nepal’s largest cow farm. The farm gets around 400 domestic and foreign tourists a day, as informed by Shashi Poudel, Manager of the Centre. He also informed that the centre has around 450 cows which produce 2,000 litres of milk daily.
Similarly, the villages of Chhapiya and Sarhan Tandi also make the district famous for fishery and organic vegetable cultivation respectively.
Experts stress for the need to prepare a wholesome agro-tourism plan for Rupandehi by integrating all these elements. The government should also play a supporting role for the development of roads, electricity, hotels and homestay to further increase the number of tourists in the district. 

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