NC draws attention on national security bill

Kathmandu, March 18 : The main opposition party Nepali Congress (NC) has expressed its concern on some of the provisos enshrined in the bill on the rights ad responsibilities of National Security Council-2075 BS.

The NC commented that it was wrong to propose provisions to make the security council a shadow of the Prime Minister by breaching the constitutional arrangement.

"The draft of the bill has violated constitutional arrangement of army mobilization. It is unconstitutional to propose a bill in a way to provide discretionary power to the prime minister in regard to army mobilization", states a press release issued by NC Spokesperson Biswo Prakash Sharma.

It is the duty of the state to explore solution of all types of problems arising in the country within the constitutional parameter. But it is a very serious matter for the state to propose a bill against the letter and spirit of the constitution by presenting certain issue a cause", the release reads.

NC would have disagreement if efforts are made to endorse the bill presented at the parliament without amendment, the Spokesperson said, calling for the government not to move ahead in away that could have far-reaching effect to the life of constitution.

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