Province 5 turning into an industrial hub

Bhairahawa, Mar 24: Province 5 is poised to turn into an industrial hub in the near future as bordering districts of the province are attracting big industrialists to open industries because the open border with India makes it easy to import raw materials and export finished products.

According to Ganesh Prasad Adhikari, chairman of Rupandehi Industry Association said that the big industries in the Province will in turn be attracting large investments.

Altogether 53 new factories with a total investment of Rs. 33.8 billion were registered in the Province in fiscal year 2017/18. Aside from the open border, the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is also serving to attract industrialists, said Adhikari.

Similarly, foreign investment is also showing signs of growth with money pouring in from the companies of India, China, Japan, the USA and Denmark.

The Parasi-Nepalgunj corridor is getting developed as the centre of industrial activities in the Province.

Vice-Chairman of the Provincial Planning Commission Prakash Kumar Shrestha informed, “Ever since the Visakhapatnam port came into operation, it has become easier to import materials from Belahiya-Sunauli. So many businesses are thronging this region.”

He also added, “Chinese businesses have shown the more interests in investing and setting up big industries in this State.”

Shrestha reasoned that Belahiya held a positive image among the Nepali and foreign industrialists. “This point had remained quite calm even during the Madhesh movements and the Indian blockade,” he said adding, “Therefore, people have a strong faith that their trade will not be disrupted if they are based here.”

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