Govt to present 10 tourism related projects on Nepal Investment Summit 2019

Kathmandu, Mar. 24: The government is all prepared to showcase 10 attractive tourism infrastructure projects among the national and international investors in the upcoming Nepal Investment Summit 2019 to attract investments for developing them in public private partnership (PPP) model.

The cost of 10 projects designed by Investment Board Nepal (IBN) is around USD 655 million, which include luxury and high altitude resorts, cultural hotel, mountain academy, filmy city, recreation centers hospitals among others.

Some of the projects, estimate cost and other related components are:

Luxury Resort in Shey Phokshundo Project


Type: luxury tourism

Karnali Province

Shey Phokshundo

Project Component:

A fully integrated and comprehensive 5-star resort with a capacity of 100 rooms overlooking the magnificent views of the majestic Shey Phoksundo National Park which includes the Phoksundo Lake. The hotel will also be a tourist attraction as it will be the 5-star resort at the highest altitude in Nepal. The rustic charm of the Shey Phokshundo, the peaceful and tranquil environment, serene climate and the grandiose hospitality of the luxury resort is expected to attract tourist who intend to experience a true extraordinaire experience nestled with nature. The resort would have luxurious rooms/suits, rooms with breath-taking views, finest cuisine and with the most impeccable hospitality service and amenities. The luxury resort could offer the following features: multi-cuisine fine dining restaurant, wine cellar, conference and meeting halls, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, casino and leisure centre, golf course, spa and wellness areas, parking facilities, and helipad

a.Pre- Construction Period: 1 year b.Financial Closure: 1 year c. Construction Period: 3 years d.Concession Period: 30 years

USD 100 million


Ski Resort in Manang Project

Tourism and Sports

Luxury Ski Resort

Gandaki Province

Manang (Location Map) Altitude: 3,519 metres


Luxury resort

Ski tow system (Ski Club)

Snow making system

Hiking and Trekking trail

USD 100 million

A four-season resort operating and focusing on activities for all year round and for varying age group to address the issues of ski resorts having high dependency on seasonal guests. Development of 40-bed luxury resort divided into mountain hotel and 10 luxury club lodges. The mountain hotel would be well equipped with: assortment of rooms ranging from luxury suites and premium suites, multi- cuisine restaurant, state of the art meeting rooms and banquet halls, health club including heated pools, spa, and sauna, and international standard and personalized service and amenities. Private lodge are exclusive retreats. The rooms are designed to ensure provide private and customized hospitality services and provide an exceptional experience in the lap of the Himalayas.

.Pre- Construction Period: 1 year b.Financial Closure: 1 year c.Construction Period: 3 years d.Concession Period: 30 years


Dhulikhel Dreamland Project


Theme Park with Nature Component

Province 3 Dhulikhel Municipality, Kavrepalanchowk (Location Map) Land available: 289 acres

1  Theme/amusement park

2 Cultural/natural theme park - Ethnic village/ resort

3 Allied services and spaces

4 Regeneration, conservation and development

The park will feature state-of-the-art entertainment services, including recreational centres, water park zone, mini golf course, children train, and other unique attractions.

The cultural/natural park component will include ethnic village/ resort inspired by the culture, tradition, architecture, etc. of the region and beyond along with accommodation, eating places etc. serving as a live museum. Cultural theme park would also offer musical fountains, meditation centre, birds park, and botanical garden.

Allied services and spaces would include spaces to lease out for hotels, banquet/seminar halls, swimming pool, indoor sports, wellness centre, and gift and souvenir shop.

Regeneration and conservation of historical temple of Devisthan which is the highest point of the project offering sunrise and sunset views, view of the entire Dhulikhel valley, Bhanjyang and full range of snow peaks in the north. Promotion and development of the agricultural land beyond lake as organic farming area which could supply organic crops and vegetables to the project area and visitors.

Public Private Partnership

USD 43.00 million

R= 12.00%

P IRR= 10.84%

Equity IRR=  10.35%

.Pre- Construction Period: 6 months

b.Financial Closure: 6 months

c.Construction Period: 3 years

d.Concession Period: 30 years


Janaki Heritage Hotel and Cultural Village Project

Tourism and Hospitality

Destination wedding hotel with development of a culturally significant area

Province 2 Dhanushadham Municipality, Dhanusha (Location Map) Area: 25 to 30 acres

Destination Wedding Luxury Hotel

2 Wedding Venue

3 Cultural Village and Museum

 4 Supporting Infrastructure

Development of world-class luxury heritage hotel with facilities for high-end luxury wedding. The hotel would have a capacity of 140 rooms and extend over an area of about 25- 33 acres and an estimated investment of USD 50 million. The luxury heritage hotel will be based on an architectural design inspired by Janaki Mandir (Janakpurdham).

Development of standard wedding venue well equipped with various services and facilities such as temporary structure for reception halls, catering services and event management services to cater about 3000 people and host up to three parallel events a day.

Cultural village which reflects heritage, culture and tradition of the Dhanushadham area. Some of the major infrastructure for the development of the cultural village could be: homestay, entrance gate, community center, tourist information center, security post/ booth, en-route amenities (tea house, public toilets, signage, etc.), walking foot trails or walking streets, cycling route, road network within the cultural village, etc. In addition, a museum could be developed to showcase the rich cultural and traditional legacy of Lord Ram and Sita as well folklore of Dhanushadham “a pious place where Lord Ram and Sita got married.”

Beautification of the Dhanus Pond by carrying activities such as foot path development around the pond, repair, maintenance and fencing, boating facility, artisan wall to maintain water level during dry season.

 Renovation of Dhanus Mandir through expansion of existing structure and using local materials for roofing to maintain the aesthetics of the area.

 Renovation and upgradation of Dharmashala.

Public Private Partnership

a)Pre-Construction Period: 6 months b)Financial Closure: 6 months c) Construction Period: 3 years d)Concession Period: 30 years

USD 20 million





The Khaptad Tourism Project

Tourism with transportation

Spiritual destination development

Sudurpaschim Province

 Khaptad National Park (Location Map)

Component: 1 Cable Car

2 Development of star hotels

3 Sports and wellness activities

4 Cultural/spiritual/pre-historic village and museum

5 Development of trails and supporting infrastructure

6 Regeneration, conservation and development

Public Private Partnership

a.Pre- Construction Period: 1 year b.Financial Closure: 1 year c.Construction Period: 3 years d.Concession Period: 30 years

USD 187 million

12.00% 16.95% (preliminary estimate) 25.40% (preliminary estimate)

Dolakha Mountain Academy Project (Rolwaling / Sailung)


Sports tourism and education

Province 3

Gaurishankar Rural Municipality, Dolakha (Location Map) Sailung, Dolakha (Location Map)

Project Components:

1 Mountain Academy

2 Development of hotels and residence facilities

3 Mountain museum

4 Cultural village, regeneration, and conservation

6 Supporting infrastructure

Public Private Partnership

Pre- Construction Period: 1 year b.Financial Closure: 1 year c.Construction Period: 4 years d.Concession Period: 30 years

~ USD 45 million


Gautam Buddha International Maternity Hospital Project


Medical Tourism

Province 5 Tarkulaha, Lumbini Sanskritik Municipality, Rupandehi (Location Map) Area: 10 acres

1 Medical speciality centre

A 200-bed state of the art health care facility that offers affordable, holistic and patient-centric healthcare promoting medical tourism specifically through maternity and related services by capturing the essence of giving birth at the pious birth place of Gautam Buddha. Various Speciality Centres would include: Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatric, IVF (Invitro Fertilisation), Cardiology, Neurology, Pulmonology, Orthopaedics, Urology, Pathology, Renal Sciences, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and dietetics, and Emergency and trauma centre.

2 Antenatal and neonatal care service unit

3 Mayadevi wellness and meditation centre

 4 Supporting medical infrastructure and services

5 Guest house/apartment


a.Pre- Construction Period: 1 year b.Financial Closure: 1 year c.Construction Period: 3 years d.Concession Period: 30 years

USD 39 million 12.00% 14.67% 16.29%


Tal-talaiya Theme Park with Hotel Project

 Tourism Theme Park with Nature Component

 Province 1

Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City, Sunsari (Location Map)


1 Adult and Children Park with sports paradise

2 Hotel with casino

4  Museum

 5 Zoo

6 Ethnic village

7 Food court and supporting infrastructure

8 Regeneration, conservation and development

.Pre- Construction Period: 1 year b.Financial Closure: 1 year c.Construction Period: 4 years d.Concession Period: 30 years

~ USD 41 million 12.00% 13.92% 15.53%

Film city in Dolakha

Tourism/ Entertainment

Film shooting destination, entertainment and leisure destination development

Province 3 Bhimeshwor Municipality, Dolakha (Location Map) Area: 189 acres to 314 acres



1 Film shooting spaces

2 Production and Post- production services

3 Tourism facilities

4 Supporting facilities and further development


a.Pre- Construction Period: 6 months b.Financial Closure: 6 months c.Construction Period: 3 years d.Concession Period: 30 years

~ USD 25 million

12.00% 10.75% 10.09%

Damauli Multi-purpose Project

Tourism/ Urban Development

Water based tourism project with components of urban infrastructure

Gandaki Province Vyas Municipality, Damauli (Location Map)



  • Artificial lake and river management
  • Spiritual / cultural theme and amusement park
  • Ethnic village/ resort
  • Convention and exhibition centre
  • Integrated agriculture and allied industries
  • Prime residential development
  • Allied services and spaces
  • Regeneration, conservation and development

a.Pre- Construction Period: 6 months b.Financial Closure: 6 months c.Construction Period: 3 years d.Concession Period: 30 years

USD 55 million

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