Wanna go viral? Clean trash

By Sampada Anuranjanee Khatiwada

Kathmandu, Apr. 11: Every once in a while the Internet comes up with a variety of crazy challenges, be it drenching yourself up with a bucket of ice or be it standing like a mannequin all day at the mall. And the youth take up every challenge the Internet has to offer, no matter how crazy or dangerous it is.

A challenge by the name “Trashtag Challenge” has of late been viral on the Internet, gripping the attention of a lot of social media users. This challenge requires one to go to a place filled with garbage, clean it up, take a before and after picture of the place and then post it on the Internet.
The challenge went viral after a Reddit user posted a picture of him cleaning a littered place. “Here is a challenge for all you bored teens. Take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, take a photo after you have done something about it and then post it,” read his post.
The challenge went viral and thousands of people from all over the world took up the challenge. clean
KP Khanal, a 19 year old social activist who also runs “Clean Kasthamandap Campaign” welcomed the challenge into Nepal. Khanal’s cleaning campaign has caught attention in various places of Kathmandu such as Gongabu, Samakhusi, Kalanki, Bagbazaar, Maharajgung Chakrapath and many more. “This is not just a campaign, this is a revolution towards cleanliness,” said Khanal, through his status on Facebook.
Along with Khanal’s initiation, the challenge has gone viral in Nepal as well. Various Facebook groups such as Sisterhood Nepal, students of Kathmandu Medical College, Ashika Tamang and many others have joined the bandwagon.
“This challenge is fascinating in another level,” said Rahul Bhandari, a student, who also accepted the challenge to clean up his locality in Samakhusi. “Unlike other meaningless challenges, the Trashtag challenge requires one to make a difference in the society. Every youth should take up this challenge as to make their locality a better place to live in.”
Social media’s influence in the youth is phenomenal and there is a fine line between using the platform to make a difference and to misuse it. Challenges as such would motivate the youth to stop blaming the government and start contributing for cleaner environment from their side, said Bhandari.

(Khatiwada interns at TRN) 

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