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Pratima Adhikari

It is no surprise that the tech world stops and stares; whenever, a new Samsung Flagship rolls out in the market. And they are always worth the hype. This time around, we have the Samsung Galaxy S10 making headlines. Let’s dig deeper to find out what the hype is all about, shall we?
To start things off, we should definitely get talking about the cameras of the device. This one has a triple camera setup at the back, a normal lens, an ultra- wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. The good thing about Samsung cameras is that the camera interface of them is very simple and self- explanatory. Also, the pictures come out natural and with true to life colours packing in enough details.
And even though you don’t get a portrait mode for those bokeh shots, you get software enhanced background blurring (or Live Focus feature in technical terms) that looks good or in some cases, even better than others. Also, a cool feature in Samsung devices is that you can adjust the background blurring even after taking pictures which gives users choices for adjustments. Very well thought indeed! samsung
As far as the wide-angle pictures are concerned, you will fall in love with the outcome from the cameras. The pack in good colours and are perfect for some show off moments.
What Samsung has improved this time is the selfie camera with which the pictures appear to be of very good quality. Having said this, it is an improvement from last time because even now, you get a bit unnatural colours in pictures from the front camera, so maybe the next iteration will come with further advances.
Nevertheless, what Samsung never fails to impress in is the display as the display of this one is a whole different level “amazing”! Just when you thought the display of smartphones could not get any better than the Galaxy Note 9, there is the S10 that crossing benchmarks. The 6.1 inches AMOLED panel is just too good, the colours, the vibrancy leaves the others in water.
Additionally, as much as the display is the ‘display’, it also is a house for the fingerprint sensor. The sensor is an ultrasonic one that works with the help of high frequency ultrasonic sound waves which makes it much reliable than optical ones. The design of the Galaxy S10 is slim with curved back and front that makes it very handy. It is also because of its compactness and the glass material on the back that the smartphone feels very good on hands. And needless to say, it is one of the best designs we have seen on a smartphone so far. The colour options also do give us a difficult time as all the available colours are very appealing, but my personal pick would be the Blue one!
However, the curvy design has its fails as well because you won’t be able to stop the accidental touches on the display so, you will have to be careful using it.
Moving on to the performance side of things, this is a flagship grade smartphone so, you can expect no less and the Samsung Galaxy S10 delivers. In Nepal, it comes with an Exynos version, the 9260 and excels at everything from daily normal usage to power- packed gaming, everything runs as it should. The available RAM helps multitask smoothly and apps open as quick. So, all in all, the S10 gives you a perfect flagship experience.
Another thing that the S10 takes away is the credit for having one of the best User Interfaces. The new and improved One UI is really light and simple and the customizations aids in better and smoother performance. It really is for everyone! Lately, smartphones have grown bigger and bigger and one-handed usage has been a struggle. The One UI gives you an interface that tries to bring down everything for the ease of use. One feature you will fall in love with is the ‘Night Mode’ that makes the interface totally black, which looks very cool and saves battery!
Having said that, the UI does feel a bit cartoonish which may not be to everyone’s liking.
If I had not mentioned earlier, the display here is a Quad HD one, meaning it is larger than the Full HD that we usually get. This makes the display ever so better and the phone hungry for power. Though you get a good sized 3,400 mAh battery here, it is not quite enough with the QHD resolution. But bearing that in mind, Samsung has also given a 15W adaptive charging support that gets the device fully juiced up in 1 hour and 45 minutes, it’s nothing one should while about. But you can always scale down the resolution to get a longer battery life.
An additional feature in the S10 is the power sharing with which you can charge other phones or ear buds or other wireless enabled device by placing it on the phone which is not new by any means but it is definitely faster than what we have seen before. This is a feature that comes in handy while charging your wireless accessories. You won’t really use it all the time but sometimes it does come to use.
The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with an ample 8 GB of RAM inside and as mentioned earlier, it helps in giving butter-like smooth performance. As far as the storage is concerned, you get 512 GB to maximum in Nepal. In other regions, you do have a choice for going up to 1TB. But for general usage, 512 GB is way too much to complain.
So, summing up, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the best flagships I have had my experiences with. Especially the display of it is something that would give others a run for their money. Even the little shortcoming this one has can be fixed through software updates, so I guess more improvements are on the way.  

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