Beauty therapy thriving as lucrative career

Sampada Anuranjanee Khatiwada

Kathmandu, May 3: With a growing number of men and women giving priority to their physical appearance, beauty therapy has witnessed an explosive growth and thrived as one of the most lucrative careers in Nepal.

One of the fascinating professions, beauty therapy has been a draw among the women creating a career for themselves. The profession includes all kinds of treatments to improve a person’s appearance such as hairstyle, makeup, nail arts and so forth. Moreover, a person willing to take up career in beauty industry can become a hair stylist, colourist, nail professional, esthetician, massage therapist, barber, makeup artist, salon/spa owner and the likes.
“Beauty today has become a mode of expression of one’s personality and most of the men and women give much importance to it while building up their personality. This is the reason why beauty industry has faced an explosive growth,” said Gunu K.C., 43, a beauty specialist.
K.C. said that it had been over 20 years that she had engaged herself in the beauty industry. She has also been providing training to the young beauty enthusiasts since 13 years. 1
“Now that the beauty industry has become a competitive business among professionals, education and special training play an important part,” said K.C. “Beauty trends and technology keep on changing and evolving. Continuation of education and training enable beauty professionals to grow their talent, creativity and skills while catering their portfolio of offerings to clients.”
“If done in a right manner, a beauty therapist can have routes to other fascinating worlds such as fashion, lifestyle, movies and business. If you’re innovative and ambitious, there is no limit to your potential,” said K.C. “What fascinates me the most is the number of men pursuing beauty as a profession. This proves that beauty is not limited only to women. Men too can give or take beauty therapies.”
K.C. also informed that the maximum number of trainees in her institution is abroad-going students.
“Beauty, in one way or the other has touched lives of people all over the world. I am going to the States for my further studies which is why I have chosen beauty therapy training so that it will be easier to score jobs in the States,” said Ashmita Sharma, 21.
Beauty has become an income generating source for freelancers as well. The costs of the trainings are comparatively low and the number of people to whom the services can be catered is maximal.
“It has been three years that I started providing make-up services,” said Saru Shrestha, a freelancer make-up artist. “Now I have over 200 clients. I carry out my dealings over the phone or through social media platforms.”
Shrestha mostly does make-up of celebrities in photo-shoots and video-shoots. She believes that social media platforms helped her to reach out to the glamour, fashion and movie industry.
Women going to beauty parlors were considered as bad influence to the society before a decade or two. Now this stereotype has completely changed. Beauty is not about hoarding a lot of make-up into your face. It is much more than that. Beauty is closely linked to health, hygiene and skin-care, said Shrestha.
Shrestha also added that beauty is one of the major tools for women empowerment. Beauty salons in every locality and every alley show that women are empowered and they are making money from something they’re good at. 

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