PM Koirala in Bandung to attend Asian-African Conference's 60th anniversary

Indonesia (Bandung), April 24: Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has arrived Bandung from the Indonesian capital Jakarta to participate in the programme marking the 60th anniversary of the historic Asian-African Conference.

     The Prime Minister, who is leading the Nepalese delegation to the event, arrived in Bandung on a special aircraft of the government of Indonesia.

Delegates from 109 countries of Asia and Africa and representatives from 16 observer countries as well as 25 international organisations also continue to arrive here to attend the programme marking the 60th anniversary of the first Asian-African Conference held in this city from April 18 to 24 in 1955.

      The 10th anniversary of the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership (NAASP) concluded in Jakarta on Thursday, issuing different three important declarations. The leaders and delegates of these countries who participated in this function are arriving in Bandung for the 60th anniversary commemoration of the historic Asian-African Conference.

      The people in Bandung seem eager to welcome the leaders of different countries of Asia and Africa in their city. Local people who are lining up on both sides of the road are greeting the distinguished guests waving the national flags of different participating countries.

      The special commemorative programme will start at 9 am local time. As per the programme schedule, the distinguished leaders of the participating countries are to take part in the road walk as part of the 60th commemoration. Then after, the leaders will pose for a group photo.

      The leaders will pray for a minute wishing for world peace which will be followed by the Indonesian President Joko Widodo's address to the brief function.

      At the function, Prime Minister Koirala would be accompanied by Minister for Foreign Affairs Mahendra Bahadur Pandey, foreign affairs advisor to the Prime Minister, Dr Dinesh Bhattarai, Acting Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Shankar Das Bairagi, Nepal's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Durga Prasad Bhattarai, Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tara Prasad Pokhrel, the Prime Minister's public relations advisor  Mridula Koirala, the Chief of Protocol Arjun Kanta Mainali, the Prime Minister's personal physician Prof Dr Karbir Nath Yogi, the PM's personal secretary Atul Koirala  and senior officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

      Five countries of Asia, namely Burma (Myanmar), Cylon (Sri Lanka), India, Indonesia and Pakistan, jointly held the first Asian-African Conference from April 18 to 24 in 1955 in Bandung. The 10-point Declaration issued by this first conference is known around the world as the Bandung Declaration which has proved to be a milestone for world peace and stability.

      Twenty-nine countries from Asia and Africa had attended the first Bandung Conference in which the statesmen from these countries had deliberated on maintaining world peace, security, achieving economic development and resolving problems seen in different parts of the globe. 

      The leaders of the countries of Asia and Africa participating in this 60th commemorative function are also expected to reiterate the very issues that were discussed in the historic first Asian-African Conference 60 years ago. RSS


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