Gorkhapatra building stature on factual news

By A Staff Reporter

gpKathmandu, May 7: As the Gorkhapatra daily celebrates its 119th anniversary on Tuesday (Baisakh 24), the grand old newspaper, which is synonymous with the word ‘newspaper' for many in the country, has vowed to set a new benchmark in the history of Nepali media.

Executive Chairman of Gorkhapatra Corporation (GC) Krishna Murari Bhandari said that because the Gorkhapatra belonged to every citizen, the newspaper held a unique place in the Nepali media space.
Gorkhapatra daily, the only newspaper that has survived for more than a century and is still going strong, should not be competing with any private newspaper, but should uphold, maintain and grow its own uniqueness and quality, he said, adding, "Our content is positive and it is trying to incorporate the issues of every nook and corner of the nation."
"We stay away from the concept of 'good news is bad news', and we always focus on disseminating real news and views to inspire and encourage citizens. We are always recognised for publishing impartial news," said Bhandari. "We are making Gorkhapatra as a paharedar (sentinel) of the nation, which will protect and well inform every citizen as to where our society and nation are heading.”
Editor-in-Chief of the Gorkhapatra daily Shree Om Shrestha said that people are fed up with the negative and pessimistic news and added that Gorkhapatra always disseminated factual and actual news which means it has a great future to continue to win the trust of the citizens.
The news published in the Gorkhapatra directly reaches high level political leadership and bureaucrats engaged in making laws, polices, rules and regulations.
The public look up to and rely on the news of Gorkhapatra for authenticity of the government information to be shared, said Shrestha and added that people would go through the Gorkhapatra news to check the actual facts.
Expert Advisor of GC, Tikaram Rai, said that Gorkhapatra as a public and government media is working to guard the national interest by being the voice of the voiceless.
The newspaper is working as a reality check, said Rai. Highlighting the progresses made and future plans for Gorkhapatra, Rai said, “We strive to create a better and conducive environment; we are improving newsroom, archive, library and working to provide training to employees and our journalists.”
"For faster dissemination of news, we are focusing on updating and revamping our online digital portal," said Rai and added that the revamped online portal will come into effect from the mid July.
"We are also working on a better distribution system of our publications every day. Previously, there used to be a long delay for our newspapers to reach to readers and subscribers, but now we have succeeded in reaching out to our readers in time so that they can read newspapers with morning cup of tea.
Highlighting the importance of Gorkhapatra daily, Consulting Editor at GC Gopal Khanal said, "Gorkhapatra has become an important medium to support the government's campaign, 'Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali'.
Khanal said that the government was planning to transform GC’s organisational format to fit it to the federal set up of three-tier of government levels. "We have already formed provincial bureaus in all the seven provinces and plans to establish Gorkhapatra offices there," he said.
Through the initiation of a weekly dialogue programme, Gorkhapatra Sambad, held every week at its office, the public participation is increasing in Gorkhapatra, which is much needed in the public media, he added.

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