BLODAN Kathmandu elects new executive committee

athmandu, May 11:  Blood Donors Association Nepal (BLODAN) Kathmandu district chapter elected a new executive committee under the chairmanship of Thakur Das Shrestha through its fourth convention held on Saturday.

In the 13-member committee, Janak Kumar Khadka has been elected as the vice-chairman, Anil Ratna Tuladhar as secretary, Kailash Goyal as treasurer and Shyam Krishna Shrestha as assistant secretary. Saraswati Gautam, Bijay Maharjan, Anish Shrestha, including five others, have been elected as the executive members.

BLODAN central committee chairman, Sanubabu Prajapati, In his inaugural address, highlighted on the need of raising public awareness on donating blood as it saves others lives.

He also stressed on the need to increase the number of blood donors so that there is no shortage of blood in any circumstances.

Anil Ratna Tuladhar, BLODAN Kathmandu district secretary, informed that in the last one year, the district chapter could collect over 600 pint of blood through different blood donation programmes.

"We have different groups in line with the blood groups and whenever we are contacted, we mobilise the group and thus arrange the blood for the needy person under treatment. In this way, we provide about 8 pint daily in Kathmandu."

He said that there was a demand of 450 pints of blood a day in Kathmandu and about 250 pints are donated daily through different programme. "And we fill the gap between demand and supply by mobilising the blood donors. "

Tuladhar said anyone in urgent need of blood could contact 9851026640 for the blood.

He said BLODAN had been working in cooperation with Nepal Red Cross Society and other supportive organisations.

Some 35 individuals and organisation included were felicitated for providing assistance to the BLODAN Kathmandu district in its different blood donation programmes during the year.






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