Parbat women's group dispelling social evils   

Parbat, May 15:  Women of Paiyu rural municipality of Parbat district have rolled up their sleeves to create awareness and end a range of societal problems like violence against women and child marriage. 

They have formed a women's group, Janajagaran youth women group in this regard.

They from time to time sit down to discuss and sort out problems facing the society. They are also running a clean-up campaign.  

 "We hold a meeting regularly where we discuss and resolve problems of the society.

Any member absent from a meeting is fined and the penalty money is used in social welfare work," said Nabina Sharma, member of the group.   

This year alone, the group provided financial support to enroll four children of the village who cannot afford a school.

Income source of the group is funds collected from playing dausi-bhailo during Tihar festival, saving money on snacks and fining a group member absent from a meeting.

"We are also students. We want to do something good for the society by even saving money on snacks," said another group member Muna Chapagain. 

Neighbouring villages and other villages in the district have followed suit. Of the total 61 wards in the district, 30 have such groups working to dispel problems facing the society.

The number of each group member is 174, and their age group ranges from 16 to 30.

They have also involved in vegetable and poultry farming, and have opened cooperatives as well in a bid to help their cause financially.  (RSS)   

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