Devghat demands budget appropriation of Rs 100 million   

Bharatpur, May 16 :  Devghat Area Development Committee has demanded appropriation of budget of Rs 108.88 million for the fiscal year 2019/20.  

The budget amount has been demanded to execute the master plan of the area, it was informed at a press conference organized by the Committee at Bharatpur on Wednesday.   

Budget allocated for Devghat area development in the current fiscal year was very low and it was not result-yielding as well, the committee said.   

"This year Rs 7.5 million was appropriated towards capitalized and Rs 2 million towards recurrent", said Devghat Area Development Committee Chairperson Shivaraj Poudel. He added the amount was non-existent to carry out some result-yielding works.

Chairperson Poudel demanded regular appropriation of budget for the implementation of 125 plans of the Devghat development. (RSS)

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