Goat farming bringing youths back to Syangja

By Arjun Kafle, Syangja, May 16: While thousands leave the country every day for foreign employment, the youth of Syangja are actually coming back – trading their lucrative jobs abroad for goat farming back home.

One such youth is Keshar Jung Adhikari of Ranidanda, Bhirkot Municipality who returned from Dubai seven years ago and now runs his own goat farm.

"I started my goat farm amidst great uncertainty about its future," he said adding, "But now, my success has inspired five other people to return to Nepal and adopt goat farming."

Adhikari started his farm in 28 ropanis of land in coordination with the Syangja District Livestock Services Office, Livestock Services Centre and Kathmandu Goat Research Centre. He started with 18 goats but now has 58, yielding nearly Rs. 400,000 annually.

"The goats' excrement can be sold as fertilisers and their grazing land can be used to cultivate grass, helping to increase one's income," he said.

Tribhuvan Neupane of Beltari, Kaligandaki Rural Municipality, also holds an intriguing tale. A computer engineer by profession, he came back to Nepal specifically to farm goats.

He started out four years ago with 5 goats and now has 55.

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