NCP cannot forsake people's leader late Madan Bhandari's ideology: PM Oli

Kathmandu, May 17: Prime Minister and Nepal Communist Party (NCP) chair, KP Sharma Oli, has said the party cannot abandon the ideology propounded by the people's leader, the late Madan Bhandari.

Addressing a function organised by the NCP to commemorate the 26th Madan-Jeevraj Memorial Day and the Party Unification Anniversary at Madan Nagar today, he insisted that the party could not give up the late leader's ideology as it was due to the thought and ideology brought forth by the late Bhandari that the party was in its present position with a majority and as a strong party.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli joins hands before the statue of Madan Bhandari to pay tribute to late Bhandari then general secretary of CPN-UML and the other leader Jeevraj Aashrit at a function organised by the NCP to commemorate the 26th Madan-Jeevraj Memorial Day and the Party Unification Anniversary at Madan Nagar, Balkhu, Kathmandu, May 17, 2019.

"The party does not forsake the ideology propounded by Madan Bhandari. The party moves forward on the wave of that ideology. We cannot renounce the late Madan's ideology. Where do you go by abandoning this," PM and the party chair said, assuring the party cadres that the party would move forward on the basis of this ideology.

He was of the view that Bhandari's political ideology would only make the party unity denser and it should be taken as a guideline and not as a dogma.

"Madan's ideology should not be taken as the canonical verses. We should not also assume that what the late Madan Bhadari said in yesteryears will work exactly at present. Rather, we have been proceeding ahead by making its creative use in tune with the times," he said, adding that the ideology propounded by Bhandari had alone defended the communist movement which was in a very unfavourable situation and blunted the entire criticism against the communist.

Stating that the party's people's class organizations have been unified on Thursday itself, NCP chair Oli stressed on the need of taking forward the party unity in a broader manner. "This is not the time to feel hurt and have a heart of grudge. It is time to have the party unity and sentiments of unification with an open heart," he added.

He stressed that the party has been unified by amalgamating two ideological lines and it is being blended in the same place.

Party chair Oli stated that the remaining works of the party unification like the allocation of portfolio of various party bodies and departments would be completed within few days. Noting that the situation was challenging for the NCP as it is on a great movement, he said the defeated reactionaries were trying to dismantle the status-quo.

"The defeated reactionaries do not easily accept their defeat. They do not like the people's movement and success. So, they are trying to break the status quo," he said, adding that because of this attempts were being made by these reactionaries to spread pessimism and that the communists should not harbor such negativity as such a situation would not be allowed to come.

Reiterating that the government was working successfully and determinately in favour of the country and the people, PM Oli said it would march forward by correcting the weaknesses if any. He said he was concentrating on how to promote nationalism, democracy, social justice and welfare state and on how to uplift the lower class people's status, expressing the determination to developing and consolidating Nepal's economy through infrastructure development, modernization of agriculture and tourism promotion.
Party to be made a 'model party'

The NCP chair Oli has also expressed his commitment to make the party a model party by correcting the shortcomings and addressing some difficulties.

"This party should be developed as a disciplined party. We should be able to rationally judge the issues – which are the internal issues and public issues and what should be said and not said in temper. I urge all friends that we can go forward only through the way of correcting ourselves," he said.

On Baluwatar land scam

The prime minister said that the Baluwatar land purchase scam issue was being probed. “We are investigating to find out the status of government land in Baluwatar. Our efforts are emphasized on the control of corruption.” Social justice and harmony are kept intact by the people by overcoming several sorts and national and international adversities and the NCP has facilitated towards that end.

“Attempts are being made to promote indiscipline, anarchy and uncivilized ways in the name of protesting of the government and party,” the prime minister said, making it clear that the party could not take up this. He claimed that the NCP was aware of reactionary forces.

Policies and programmmes provide no room for criticism

The prime minister said though the government policies and programmes (for the upcoming fiscal year) provided no room for criticism, the opposition are raising minor issues just to divert the people’s attention to other unnecessary stuffs. The ‘irrelevant’ issues were raised to abet people to divert the attention from analaysing the content of development policies to unnecessary matters.

According to the prime minister, the word ‘my government’ cited by the president, the Head-of-the-State while unveiling the government policies and plans was criticised for no cause at all. The President of India addressed the same way. “The President of India always addresses as the ‘my government’, no matter whoever heads the government.”

In his views, the main opposition’s protest was the protest of republic system, methods and practices not the President.

NCP senior leaders Madhav Kumar Nepal and Jhalanath Khanal, deputy prime minister and leader Ishwor Pokhrel, Home Minister and leader Ram Bahadur Thapa and party Spokesperson Narayan Kaji Shrestha, among other gathered to pay tribute to the late leaders on the sad occasion of their 26th death anniversary. RSS

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