Geography of the Moon live at BNC

By Mannu Shahi

For a long time in the music scene of Kathmandu, Thamel was the focal point of musically hip culture and all of it surrounded around bands and solo artists covering songs from veteran Nepali musicians to Rock n’ Roll anthems and massive pop hits as well as popular Bollywood tracks. This trend keeps continuing its practice even today spreading further to newly built hubs such as Durbar Marg and Jhamsikhel. However, in the recent times some of these pub owners have started getting tired with the repetitive set lists and thus in the wish to give more back to the scene have started hiring artists with original materials. And the most pioneering steps for this change was initiated by Beers N’ Cheers, Jhamsikhel who have been providing platforms to original artists of various genres in their weekly or monthly sessions with good pay and respectful treatment.
Geography Of The Moon started in East London in the summer of 2016, a duo comprising of vocalist Virginia Bones and multi-instrumentalist Andrea Rubbio aka Santa Pazienza. They started playing around London, moved to Berlin for a while in the summer and can be found around South East Asia in the winter. After playing Siemreap; Phnom Penh, Otres, Hoian and Hanoi, this year they join the Cambodian Space Project’s latest project Fab Fest.Their first album “Permanent Summer” was released on June 14th 2018, a piece of work full of hypnotic loops, raw emotion, darkness, sadness and defiance.mannu
In the years that the band has been making their music, many things happened, some good, some not so, most of them quite extraordinary. But times changed and so did the band members, their inner as well as outer space and now they’re fully engaged in vibrantly executing their seven months long tour. They landed in Nepal for their first show on 3rd May at Rockin’ Jokers, Kathmandu after touring Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. They label their music as Psychedelic Dream Folk and are all thrilledto get on stage again for their Nepali fan-followings at Beers n’ Cheers tonight from 7pm onwards. The entry is free and the gig seems like a perfect option for a lovely Saturday evening out with friends, good food and wistful music, so see you.

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