Autopsy report, blood-stained weapon clues

By Purusottam Khatri/  Narayan Tumbapo

Kathmandu, May 23: Minister for Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa said on Wednesday the government has made proper arrangements to probe the Panchthar mass murder. 

Asking some time to speak on the topic of public importance at the meeting of the National Assembly, Minister Thapa said the investigation into the incident led by a team of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and thew Office of State Police was underway
“The Ministry has already directed the offices functioning under the home ministry to complete the investigation and send all the details of the incident as earlier as possible.”
The police have been searching the guilty, said Minister Thapa, adding that the government had mobilised a team of Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force for the security of the locals.
Sita Khujum, who managed to survive the fatal attack, has been undergoing treatment at Damak hospital, he said.
Calling the incident as grieving one, Minister Thapa said the Home Ministry was doing its best to find out truth behind the incident.
Meanwhile, the bodies of the nine members of the two families, who were brutally killed at Arubote in Miklajung Rural Municipality-3 of Panchthar district on Monday night, were handed over to the relatives on Wednesday after performing autopsies for performing their last rites.
Their last rites will be performed at Arubote on Thursday.
Post mortem of the family members of Bam Bahadur Fiyak and Dhana Raj Sherma, who were also murdered in the massacre, were performed at B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences on Wednesday afternoon, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and spokesperson Siddharaj Neupane of State Police Office, Biratnagar, told The Rising Nepal, over telephone.
“As different police investigation teams have currently been collecting details and taking statements from the locals and relatives, it takes some time to come up with the real information about whether the massacre was done by one person,” DSP Neupane said.
A preliminary police investigation is now focused on the post-mortem report of Man Bahadur Makhim, who killed self by hanging after the incident, to confirm whether it was suicide or he was hung by other persons to hide the incident’s real modus of operandi, he said.
The post mortem report of Man Bahadur is yet to be made public, which is also at the B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, he said.
Man Bahadur was the son-in-law of Bam Bahadur Fiyak but the marital relationship between Man Bahadur and daughter Mana Kumari were not cordial. Mana Kumari was demanding divorce from Man Bahadur for the past three years, police quoted her relatives as saying after the incident.
Man Bahadur, who was not ready to give divorce to Mana Kumari, had, however, found agreed to give her divorce just

a week ago, according to the police.
Locals said that Man Bahadur had not committed any big crime earlier. However, he was taking medicines of depression for the past five years, according to Nelkal Makhim, nephew of Man Bahadur.
Meanwhile, DSP and in-charge of Panchthar District Police Office Narendra Kunwar said that the police investigation was now centred on matching the blood samples and weapons found on the weapon (khukuri) which need lab test, statement to be furnished by 12-year old Sunita Khujum, the only survivor of the tragedy, and post mortem report of Man Bahadur.
“Blood stained weapon (khukuri) recovered near the hanging site needs lab test to confirm the blood match and finger prints,” he said.



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