Elephant terror goes abated in Saptari

By Mala Karna, Kalyanpur, May 23: Elephants have been terrorising the villages of Saptari for the last six months.

Just this week, an elephant trampled a person to death in Agnisair Krishnasawaran Rural Municipality while groups of elephants entering the village and destroying people’s homes have become a daily routine.

The elephants not only wreck homes but also the property inside often leaving the unfortunate villagers with nothing. They also eat the stored crops and grains. On Monday night, an elephant attack damaged the Sitapur Health Post.

Meanwhile, the local government has been taking notice of the locals’ sufferings.

 Kanchanpur Municipality provided Rs. 10,000 to the family of Gosai Chaudhary on Wednesday. Chaudhary was killed on Sunday by an elephant that escaped from the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.

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