Minister says no to vacancy cancellation

By A Staff Reporter

lalbabuKathamndu, June 16: Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development Lal Babu Pandit has said that the controversy on the Public Service Commission (PSC) vacancy advertisement is baseless and, therefore, the advertisement would not be cancelled. 

Speaking at a programme in the capital Saturday, Minister Pandit said as the Provincial Public Service Commission is yet to be formed and PSC has been giving continuity to the employee recruitment process as per the law guaranteed by the constitution.
The PSC opened the vacancies following the due process, said Minister Pandit, adding that it was not right to claim that the vacancy advertisement was against the spirit of constitution.
The PSC had prepared criteria for the reservation system and the vacancies were opened on the same ground, said Minister Pandit. "No local government authority has questioned about the vacancy advertisement," he claimed.
Minister Pandit said that hiring of employees on a contract basis would never be as per the law and spirit of the constitution. It may create interests among higher ranked officers and politicians for hiring the people on the basis of nepotism and favouritism, he added.
Speaking on the occasion, former Finance Minister Shankar Koirala said that the government would lose public faith if this advertisement got cancelled.
"If you have nobody at higher places, then PSC is there for you, because PSC is a trustworthy institution for hiring employees fairly and impartially following due recruitment procedures, said Koirala.
Koirala expressed his concerns over the Parliamentary Hearing Committee's move because it had raised a controversy over the constitutional body, PSC, regarded as one of the cleanest institutions in the country.
The issue would not have been made such a debatable matter as the commission is recruiting employees on the basis of clauses mentioned in the constitution, said PSC spokesperson Kiran Raj Sharma.
“But we failed to convince the lawmakers, stakeholders and others who are against the the allocation of vacancies through the advertisement,” said Sharma.
"A writ petition has been filed against the advertisement. But we are hopeful that the court will not make any decision that will go against it," said Sharma.
Meanwhile, the experts expressed fear that allowing the local level authority to hire staff on the contract basis could give rise to nepotism and favouritism while hiring employees. They also called on for establishing the trust of public towards PSC by addressing the debate at earliest.
According to the Public Service Commission, it has received more than 1, 25,000 applications till date after the vacancy advertisement was made public.
The parliamentary committee, Madheshi lawmakers, stakeholders and those representing the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) are against the hiring process, citing that it has violated constitutional provisions.
The government on May 29 had publish the advertisement through PSC seeking recruitment of 9,161 posts in 515 local levels.  

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