Urlabari and Pathrisanischare Municipalities announce public holiday on Monday to celebrate Jatri festival

Urlabari, June 16: Urlabari and Pathrisanischare Municipalities have given a public holiday in the two municipalities on the occasion of Sirjat or Jatri festival of Dhimal community on Monday.

Sirjat is a famous festival of the minority Dhimal community. They have been living in the eastern part of Morang and western part of Jhapa districts in State 1.

Dhimal Caste Development Centre is going to conclude Sirjat festival at Das Bighe of Urlabari Municipality Ward-3 by organising a joint fair on Monday.

Patharisanischare Municipality on Wednesday had decided to give the public holiday on the occasion of Sirjat while Urlabari Municipality took the decision on Sunday.

The festival is celebrated for two months after performing a puja at Maharajthan Bhogateni of Letang-1 of Morang on the second day of Baisakh. The two-month festival will conclude after 98 tole committees of Dhimal mark it on their own way and orgainse a joint fair on the last day, the second day of Asar.

Dhimal community is nature worshipper.

The population of Dhimal is 50,000 Dhimal and they live in Jhapa and Morang districts, Bijaya Dhimal, member of Dhimal Caste Development, Center said.

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