Snakebite cases high in Sarlahi

Sarlahi, June 19: With the onset of hot summer days, snakebite cases have increased in Sarlahi in State 2.

The number of snakebite victims has gone up significantly in the Sarlahi District Hospital, Malangwa, and the Nawalpur Snakebite Treatment Centre.

 Doctors at both health facilities said that they were receiving more than five cases of snakebites on a daily basis for the past few days.

According to hospital chief Dr. Birendra Kumar Mandal, snakebite patients both from the southern region of the district and India visit the Sarlahi District Hospital, Malangwa.

Dr. Mandal further stated that all the patients, who were brought to the hospital immediately after they were bitten by poisonous snakes, were treated successfully.

Madhav Thapaliya, a doctor of the Snakebite Treatment Centre, said that the number of snakebite patients has increased over a few days. 

The centre has been working towards making its services more organised with the set-up of recently bought Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and ventilator machines, he added.

Every year, snakebite claims lives of many people during the summer and rainy season in the Terai, including Sarlahi.

This year, two persons, including a four-year-old girl died of snakebite in Sarlahi.  They were killed in an interval of two weeks.

One of them died in Malangwa, the district headquarters, and another in Kalinjor.

Moreover, many snakebite victims die when they are first taken to shamans instead of hospital while others due to delay to reach the hospital. The 4-year-old Kalinjor girl died on the way due to delay in bringing her to the hospital. 

Snakes come out during summer as the land heats up, leading to their increased movements on land surface.

Medics suggest using torch lights when coming out of homes in the night, keeping the surroundings clean, filling in the holes in mud houses and using mosquito-net while sleeping at night to avoid snakebites.

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