Makwanpur farmers start producing improved paddy, maize seeds

Hetauda, June 26: Farmers of Makawanpurgadhi Rural Municipality Ward No. 5 have started to produce required seeds of cereal crops by themselves.

Farmers of Ambhanjyang of the Rural Municipality involved in Jagriti Farmers Groups have started to produce improved seeds of paddy and maize for their own uses.

The farmers have been attracted to the production of improved seeds of paddy and maize, following the increase in production by 15 per cent due to use of improved seeds.

Maize planted under seeds production programme has reached the end of harvesting stage. Farmers have planted maize of Rampur Composite species in area of 8.5 hectare of land to produce its seeds.

The rural municipality had provided 250 kilograms of seeds to the farmers' groups purchasing it from Rampur. Price of a kilogram seeds of maize is Rs. 250 in which the rural municipality had provided 50 per cent subsidy to the farmers.

Chandra Kanta Chaudhari, chief of agriculture section of Makawanpurgadhi Rural Municipality, said that the seed programme was initiated to make quality seeds easily available to the farmers of rural municipality.

Maize planted for producing seeds will be harvested within one week to obtain standard and quality seeds. He said that the use of maize seeds produced by the farmers was expected to yield up to two tonnes of maize per hectare of land.

Similarly, the farmers have kept nursery of Makawanpur 1 species in the area of 10 hectares aiming to produce paddy seeds.

The paddy seeds in the rural municipality were brought from Parawanipur of Bara district with 50 per cent subsidy of the rural municipality in the price.

The farmers are now planning to plant paddy after harvesting maize in their field. A total of 37 farmers, including 11 women farmers have been involved in seed production  programme.


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