Speaker Mahara warns political parties against blaming each other

Kathmandu, July 1: Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara has urged the political parties that have contributed to bringing in democracy and republic to be aware so that nobody will play in their internal contradiction.

Addressing a programme organized by the Former MPs' Forum, Nepal on the occasion of the 61st Parliament Day here today, he said, "We should be able to forge ahead ensuring a suitable and opportune way to the future by overcoming the present challenges based on the past experience. We should not blame each other taking over the past omissions and commissions. Let us evaluate - who's folly was it that undermined the parliamentary practice."

Deputy Speaker Dr Shiva Maya Tumbahangphe said the former and the sitting MPs should join hands to carve out a bright future for the Nepali people.

Nepali Congress parliamentary party chief whip Balkrishna Khand said the negative comments of the top leaders of some parties about the parliamentary system and practices has not only confused the general public but has also created doubts it will increase the rsk of conflict and the system losing its credibility as well.

"We had all framed the constitution, had established the parliamentary system and democracy. The principle of separation of power between the executive, legislature and the judiciary and the independence, coordination and the role of these three bodies to function in harmonization, which is the beauty of the parliamentary democracy, should be respected, " he asserted.

Former Speaker Taranath Ranabhat underscored the need of continued cooperation and collaboration among the pro-parliament political parties for the development and prosperity of the nation.

Leader of the ruling party in the National Assembly, Dinanath Sharma said there is no option to the pro-change political parties other than to work together and maintain unity for a long time as per the letter and spirit of the constitution, learning from the bitter experience from the past that they will have to face difficulty if they did not stand in one place to face up the challenges.

Leader of the main opposition party in the National Assembly, Surendra Raj Pandey stressed on keeping the culture of cooperation and collaboration among the pro-democracy parties alive and kicking. He added that people were compelled to take to the street in protest against the various bills brought by the government as this culture was not followed.

Acting president of the Former MPs' Forum, Jhalak Nath Wagley, vice-president Govinda Bahadur Shah and general secretary Shankar Nath Adhikari suggested the serving MPs to carry out their duties and responsibilities as per the people's aspiration of a 'capable parliament and active lawmakers'.

The fourth edition of the Bulletin, published by the Forum annually, was launched on the occasion.

The 16th of the Nepali month Asar is celebrated as the Parliament Day in commemoration of the day 61 years back in which the lawmakers who got elected in the parliamentary elections of 1958 took their oath. The Nepali Congress had won two-thirds majority seats in parliament in that election and the leader of that party BP Koirala had formed the first people-elected government. Two years later, then king Mahendra sacked Koirala and jailed him and many leaders from his party and introduced the one-party Panchayat system of government.

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