Stop listening to greed

AdhyaRana KC

The trees we cut are the pillars of the planet. The animals we hunt are the lives of the planet. But with the rate at which we are destroying the delicate balance, we can only make gloomy forecasts about our future and that of the planet.
Using nature as a credit card with unlimited balance, we have spared nothing, neither the water, soil, nor the air. But, what is more absurd is the fact that we are doing this despite knowing about global warming and the lives at stake. We don’t listen to mother earth while she warns us about our deeds through the droughts, storms, landslides. All we listen to is our greed! If it is the economic standards that require us to evade recession, or social standards that lure us to become wealthier, then we must change the system, not cave in to it. Let me remind you, it is not just about risking recession, or climbing up the social ladder, but living together in this world as a family. Yet, all we listen to is greed.kc
Urban encroachment is one of the major causes of thinning of lush forests in most parts of Nepal. An increasing number of people continue to build houses on steep slopes where there are barely any green successors rooting from the ground to hold soil in place during heavy rainfall. Besides this, fuelwood and overgrazing are common factors adding to deforestation in Nepal. Unsurprisingly, during monsoon, landslides and floods take away lives of more than thousands of people in Nepal; once life giving rain has become man’s new enemy.
Humans are not the only living beings on the planet, yet we alone have managed to degrade the sustenance of the earth. We have forgotten how to live together, to integrate with other species. The growing human population, the number of car users and industries is a step towards our end. If we continue to be ignorant of our destructive activities and fail to grasp the severity of human impact on environment, we will soon destabilise the ecosystem, economy, and society. We cannot continue living this way while the world burns and breaks.
Oceans are acidifying, droughts are intensifying, and pollution is choking the world. Man has great appetite for wealth and won’t even spare earth. This is the time we pull brake on the consumer-driven economy and material-driven society. Economy should work with environment, not against it. Not many in our country are aware of global warming, while some choose to ignore it. But the truth is clear to us. All the climate change we have been experiencing is of no coincidence but a consequence.
Although the damage caused worldwide is almost irreversible, it’s still not too late. If we leave fossil fuel in the ground, if we live and let others live sustainably, a healthy planet is not far away. But, global warming knows no boundary, we all are equally affected, and must contribute equally to reverse the damage we have caused. After all, it is our only home! 

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