Alternative Homes

Binaya Ghimire

In the past few years, home prices have substantially gone up. The location mostly determines the price; however, to tell you the truth, location is not the prime mover of the home price. In fact, the home itself costs a lot of money. Do you realise that the average home price in the current housing market is about Rs. 10 million? Yes, that’s a lot of money.
You need much money to build or buy a house, and not everyone can afford it. Not having enough resources to build or buy a house did not kill people’s desire to own their own house. They began to look for alternative living spaces. In the process, they came up with something interesting. The modern mind has created ideas that would have been considered silly in the past.
We are facing problems such as failing economy and rising pollution. To add misery to our existing problems, population rise is also making it difficult to buy an affordable house. In order to battle with these societal problems, we need to come up with eco-friendly ways of living. Interestingly, there is no end to people’s creativity.
In the search for affordable homes, people have come forward with interesting concepts. They are converting shipping containers into homes. The idea to use shipping containers as homes is now getting very popular in the West. Shipping container homes have become the latest solution for modern and a cheaper alternative to construct homes in the Western counties.
Often referred to as cargo container architecture, or Cargotechture, they are easy to build, strong, eco-friendly, and last but not the least very cheap. Though building homes with shipping containers in Nepal is not practical, you can still see shipping homes being used as living space elsewhere.
Well, if you have never heard about shipping container homes, this concept might look very absurd to you. You might even ask who wants to live in a shipping container, how can anyone modify a shipping container into a home?
Yes, that’s right; they are primarily designed to ship cargo between the countries. You might also be aware that some people have also used shipping containers as storage on their property.
When the word Cargotecture was coined in 2003, it was used to describe a building made fully or partially by shipping containers. Cargotecture makes use of shipping containers to create fully functional buildings for personal or commercial use. Shipping containers can be used to make a low-cost home or an extravagant home, cluster homes or vacation home, office building or housing project.
The shipping container architecture is on the rise for a couple of reasons: it is a wonderful way to reduce waste; it is also an ultimate solution for cheap homes. Shipping container homes are becoming a better option for temporary living as well as a permanent house. If you already have a house, you can also use a shipping container to make additional changes.  

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