Widespread rain forecast for three days- risk of flooding, landslide

Kathmandu, July 12: The Meteorological Forecasting Division, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, has forecast rain for the consecutive three days across the country as monsoon remains highly active. Presently monsoon trough is based in Nepal.

In its special bulletin today, the Division has predicted rain in most parts of the country for the next three days. Rain has been experienced throughout the country since this morning.

Some parts of the eastern and central region are expected to see heavy rain while the chances of extremely heavy rainfall are there at few places of Tarai in the eastern region and of mid hilly districts.

People of those places where torrential rain is likely to occur for a couple of days are urged to stay high alert. In overall, monsoon rain is likely to occur less in the eastern and central region in comparison of the western region. Monsoon this time in Nepal had arrived lately.

It was late by 10 days (on June 20) in comparison of the previous year. In the meteorological terms, rain measuring up to 10 millimeters is called light rainfall, measuring from 10- 50 mm is described as the moderate rain, measuring from 50-100 mm is known as heavy rains and the rain from 100-200 mm is categorised as extremely heavy rain.

The Division has issued a warning notice for the next 24 hours, showing the possibility of heavy rain at some places of eastern and central region and chances of extremely heavy rain at few places of the eastern Terai region and the mid hilly districts.

It hints the possibility of landslides in mid hilly districts and the increase of water levels in the rivers based in the central Tarai region.

According to the Division latest updates, Kathmandu experienced 51 mm rainfall today while Simara recorded the highest 206 mm followed by Biratnagar ( 172 mm), Okhaldhunga ( 107 mm), Dhankuta ( 103 mm), Dadeldhura (27 mm), Bhairahawa ( 24 mm), Nepalgunj ( 12mm) and Dhangadhi 15 (mm). Riverside settlements asked to stay alert Issuing a special statement today, the Department and the Division have asked settlements residing alongside rivers like Bagmati, Kamala, Kankai and Koshi to stay on high alert following increasing the water level due to rain.

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