Hupsekot local becomes model goat farmer

By Homeraj Ranabhat

Nawalparasi, July 13: Dhan Bahadur Mahato of Hupsekot Municipality went to Gulf country seven years ago as a migrant worker. He returned home a year ago. But in year he has become a successful farmer and has been an inspiration to the society. 

A local Nimu Thapa said that seven years ago Dhan Bahadur was poor man and was not even able to fulfil the basic needs. So he was compelled to sell all the property and left for Saudi Arabia leaving his wife and children back in home.
After staying abroad for six years, he returned to Nepal and started rearing goats. Now he has emerged a model goat farmer in his locality.
Mahato, 39, said that he was very sad as he was unable to nurture his wife and children and had to go to abroad by selling all the property. But he decided to return home with a thought that he should do something in his own country.
Dhan Bahadur has now 100 goats and sold 50 goats 20 days ago. He is now able to earn Rs. 1 million a year by selling goats.
“When I remember the past days, I feel very bad for going abroad,” he said. He said that he would have been able to earn more if he had stayed in Nepal rather than going abroad.
Dhan Bahadur said that there were many friends who went abroad with him and some of them died abroad while others did not come back.
He said that by remembering these things he did not want to go back to the gulf country, “All the Nepalese should return home and do something in their own country and live a happy life with their friends and family,” he said.
In the past, the villagers were reluctant to give loan to Dhan Bahadur but now Dhan Bahadur is ready to give loan and is also willing to help people in needs.
Goat farming has changed life of Dhan Bahadur. He also won cash prize of Rs. 100,000 and recitation letter for being a successful goat farmer.
Dhan Bahadur said that when he returned home from gulf country he started goat farming with only two goats but now he has more than hundred goats in his pen.

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