Ward offices monitored through e-attendance system in Damak

Damak, July 22: Staff members of Damak Municipality in Jhapa district are no longer allowed to show their attendance on the attendance book.

An arrangement has been made for staff attendance to be recorded once they arrive and show their face in front of a new electronic device in the office.

The e-attendance device installed is said to be very useful and had increased staff members’ convenience too.

According to the Municipality’s IT Officer Sampi Chudal, with the help of the bio-metric device, it is easy to get all the information on staff presence/absence in the office i.e. who is in the office, who hasn’t come to the office, how many are on leave, how many are on contract basis etc.

There is no need to go through attendance files or ask anybody about a staff’s attendence.

The head of the office, or any authorised person, can look in their own computers, so it is very useful, said Chudal, adding that it is not only at the local-level, but this information can also be known even to the central Ministry level.

The staff members themselves can check their own status if they have done attendance or not.

Furthermore, they can easily file leave applications, sitting in front of the computer and see whether it has been approved, said Chudal. Though it may initially seem bit confusing to the employees, it is very useful, she added. 

Since the presence and number of staff during office hours on a particular day will be known up to the ministry level, is it said that e-attendance will be helpful in effective monitoring of the office staff.

Meanwhile, all the eight ward offices of Damak Municipality can be monitored from the Municipality office itself, to check how many of the employees are present.

 Since details of the full number of Ward staffs will be there, it is easy to know as to who are present, or absence or on leave, right from the Municipality, and it is said this will help improve staff habit of coming to office on time.

Municipality’s Chief Administrative Officer Ganesh Prasad Timilsina said that they were moving on with time and making the best use of the modern information technology systems and reduce the use of paper as per its policy.

This is also required to increase accountability and feeling of responsibility toward their work. We plan to maximise the use of technology and that all works be done via computer system, he said.

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