North-west Makawanpur villagers routinely take risky journey

By Shiv Kumar Kashi

kashiHetauda, July 25: People of remote villages in the north-west region of Makawanpur district are compelled to have risky journey during the rainy season. 

The residents of some wards of Raksirang and Kailash Rural Municipalities are compelled to reach their destinations by risking their lives in the rainy season.
They have to risk their lives while they start their journey to reach the centres of municipalities and Manahari Bazaar for administrative work and purchasing daily consuming goods.
In the winter season, they usually accomplish their journey by bus operated on the temporary road along the river banks of the Manahari Khola.
However, when the rainy season starts, flood waters flow on the temporary road that passes through the Manahari Khola forcing the people to climb the steep Pareawa cliff and walk through it risking their lives.
“There is a congested foot trail constructed during the Panchayat era in the cliff at Ward Number -5 of Raksirang Rural Municipality. The locals are compelled to have risky journey in the rainy season,” local teacher Dinesh Blon said.
Blon further said that the locals had to pass through the rickety cliff just above the flooded Manahari River.
“There is no situation to carry a patient in a basket if anyone falls ill in the village,” he said.
Around 500 locals pass through the difficult cliff every day, he informed.
“Women and children cannot imagine walking through the route. Even men visit the Manahari market only in group through the route,” he said.
According to Banastam Thing of Raksirang Rural Municipality, the villagers are still deprived of road facility although big changes have occurred in political system over the years.
He said although the people had been demanding for the construction of a safe road, the government was not heeding them.
Thing, who is also a local leader of ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP), said that they had apprised the federal, state and local governments of their problems.
Chairman of Raksirang Rural Municipality Raj Kumar Malla said that a plan to build a road to reach Malekhu via Dandabas was pushed ahead. He also said that a detailed project report for another road in the rural municipality was prepared.
He said that Rs. 10 million was allocated to build a road from Raksirang to Ratuwa via Parewa Cliff.
He admitted that the locals had to walk every monsoon risking their own lives. “I have myself walked through the rickety route several times,” he said. 

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