High price of ginger makes farmers happy

By Our Correspondent

Bulingtaar, July 29: Farmers in Nawalparasi district have become happier after the price of ginger reached a record high in the district this year. 

The farmers were making unexpected benefit by selling ginger at Rs. 200 per kg and dried ginger Rs. 1000 per kg.
Farmers of the district are excited after they succeed to make a huge profit from ginger, Prem Singh Lungeli Magar, a farmer of Dandajheri, said.
Price of ginger in Bulingtaar has increased by threefold in a year.
Farmers of Bulingtaar, Baundikaali, Hupsekot and Binayitribeni were benefitted more from the unexpectedly rise in the price of ginger, Sashikiran Bastakoti, chairperson of Bulingtaar Rural Municipality, said.
Last year, the farmers of the district had earned Rs. 220 million from selling ginger, which is expected to increase to Rs. 400 million this year, said ginger entrepreneur Om Bahadur Thapa Magar.
“With increasing migration of people from hill to the Terai, a large ginger growing area is likely to remain barren,” Magar said.
Prem Bahadur Thapa of Dandajheri said that farmers were able to earn more as prices of ginger and dried ginger skyrocketed.
“Production of ginger may rise if we stop the migration of villagers in the city area,” Aam Bahadur Thapa Magar, ginger entrepreneur of the district, said.
About 10.000 farmers of Ratanpur of Gaindakot, Kotthar, Dadajheri, Bulingtaar, Arkhalaa, Jaubari of Bulingtaar Ruralmunicipality, Naram, Ruchang, Daubadi, Mithukaram, Dedhgaun, Rakuwa, Bharatipur of Baudikali Rural Municipality, Mainaghat of Madhyabindu Municipality, Mohandanda and Binayi of Hupsekot Rural Municipality, Rakachuli, Benimanipur, and Dhurkot of Tribeni Rural Municipality are benefited from the price hike, farmer Lungeli Magar said.
However, fluctuation in the price of ginger worries the farmers.
However, Krishna Thapa Magar, chairperson of Association of Ginger Producing Farmers, said that the farmers of the district were motivated to grow more ginger following the price rise.
The price hike, which is not good news to consumers, however, has brought smiles on the faces of farmers. 

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