Muddy, uneven road to Nagarkot hilltop no fun for visitors

By Bhauch Prasad Yadav

roadBhaktapur, Aug 3: Nagarkot of Bhaktapur is the main attraction for most of the tourists visiting the Kathmandu Valley.

The range of mountains viewed from Nagarkot is fascinating but the road to the tourist destination is worst. The tourists who visit Nagarkot are suffering due to the uneven road, which is muddy and full of potholes.
The responsible agents behind the miserable condition of the road are the concerned construction companies - Shailung Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. of Nepal and Aarawali Infra Power Limited (AIPL) from India.
Although the Indian company has the responsibility to construct half of the road, the work is yet to be started -- resulting in both cost and time overrun.
The cost of the construction has increased by Rs. 43.5 million. The company has got multiple extensions of the construction deadline.
The contract for the road construction had been signed on June 16, 2014. The initial construction cost was Rs. 315.2 million.

The construction companies had to accomplish the construction within two years. Meanwhile, concerned government agency claimed that the road construction would be completed within the next five months. Jagat Prajapati, chief of Bhaktapur-Nagarkot-Sipaghat-Balkhu-Dakshinkali Road Project, said that the construction would be finished by November end this year.
“Since the country is all set to mark 2020 as a visit year, there is no alternative to complete the construction of the road by November this year,” Prajapati said.
According to him, although the construction companies had urged a new deadline of March 20 next year to complete the work, they were asked do their job by November this year.
The construction companies had procured new machines and human resources to complete the work by November, Prajapati stated.
Only 3.3 km section of the 15.6 km long road is completed so far.
“If the construction companies have enough competency and willpower, they can finish all the construction works within the new deadline because they have five more months at their disposal,” he added.
The physical and financial progress related to the road construction is 65 per cent and 42 per cent only till date. Prajapati further said that the work except for black-topping had already been accomplished.
The road is being expanded from single to double-lane under the new construction project. 

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