Worried about your children's addiction to digital gazette? Get free learning videos

Kathmandu, Aug 7: If you are worried about your children’s addiction towards digital gazette rather than textbooks, a software developer has come up with a solution, a video lecturers for school children.

The Deer Walk Learning Center, a software developer, has been distributing the curriculum based videos free of cost through multimedia internet, mobile application and offline.

The center has made videos based on curriculum set by the Nepal government and the language of the instruction is Nepali. So, students of remote parts of the country can benefit highly from the videos, Hitesh Karki, chief academic officer of the Deer Walk Information Technology College said.

The main feature of the learning video is that it is a simple recording of teacher teaching in a classroom and it gives students classroom-like feel by making classes lively with the use of handwritten instructions full of colorful examples, Karki added.

The materials could be watched from anywhere from http://dlc.dwit.edu.np/testimonial/showonline portal and anyone could get the copy from deer walk office, Sifal, Kathmandu. Likewise, students and teachers could also get the materials through the DLC mobile app.

About free distribution of the programme, Ujjwal Poudel, project manager of the Learning Center said they were able to distribute the programme free of cost because they got some amount from their own foundation. 

According to the developers, they have recorded 1700 videos of grade IV to grade X. That includes all compulsory subjects. The center will make videos of grade I to grade III and grade XI and grade XII soon.

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