97-year-old mother and 77-year-old son go together to collect old age allowance

Baitadi, Aug 8: Bhanadevi Thagunna, 97, and her son Gagan Singh Thagunna, 77, of Dasarathchand Municipality, Ward No. 4 have been going together to collect their old age allowance.

Both mother and son very actively complete their household chores as well. Son Gagan Singh goes to the water well early in the morning, which is at a distance of one-hour walk from their house. Mother Bhanadevi prepares tea every day. Gagan Singh also runs a shop.

There are more than 50 members in their family. Her son, daughter in-law and grandsons are job holders. Great grandsons have gone to the city for their studies. Every one becomes surprised to see the mother, son and daughter in-law carrying out all their household chores despite being in their old age.

The mother-son duo, who have been collecting social security allowance provided by the Government of Nepal together,  have never taken ill until date.

“We daily eat dairy products, curry, rice, lentil and chapattis. We never consume junk foods. We grow all the seasonal fruits at home,” said mother Bhanadevi.


Son Gagan Singh said, “Even though we have drinking water system coming out of the taps at home, we always drink water from the source nearby. Also, we occasionally eat meat.”

Upon asking about their fitness even in old age, son Gagan Singh said that it was their habit of eating nutritious food which was keeping them healthy.

Seventy seven years old Gagan Singh is also known as a teacher in the village. He had opened a school named “Nagarjung Primary School” in Dasarathchand Municipality-4 in 2028 B.S. and he had been providing free education to the students.

Local Tej Singh Bhandari remembered Gagan Singh as is first teacher who taught him to read and write in black slates.

“Tej Singh is also my student. The school was inaugurated by calling all other students of the village, along with Tej Singh,” said Gagan Singh.

Gagan Singh’s monthly salary, as a teacher in 2028 B.S. was Rs. 1. “I worked as a teacher from 2028 B.S. to 2042 B.S. Since I had not passed S.L.C. examination, I had to leave the school in 2042 B.S.,” added Gagan Singh.

Gagan Singh has now been busy in writing a book on brief history about the school he had established. Since it was very challenging to get education during the Panchayat era, I established the school for those who couldn’t get proper education, said Gagan Singh.




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