Tourism pride projects improve performance

By CK Khanal, Kathmandu, Aug 8: National Pride Projects under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) have improved their performance significantly in the fiscal year 2018/19.

All five national pride projects under the ministry made 84 to 100 per cent physical and 54 to 100 per cent financial progress in the fiscal year. This progress was significantly high as compared to the progress of previous fiscal year.

Pokhara Regional International Airport, Gautam Buddha International Airport, Nijgadh International Airport, Pashupati Area Development Project and Broader Lumbini Development project are the five national pride projects which are in progress under the MoCTCA.

According to the data provided by the MoCTCA, the Pokhara Regional International Airport made 100 per cent physical progress as per its targets in the fiscal year 2018/19. The physical progress of the airport was only 33.34 the previous fiscal year.

The regional airport made financial progress of 69 per cent in the review period as compared to 33.34 per cent progress the previous year.

Binesh Adhikari, chief of the Pokhara Regional International Airport Project, however, said that the project had made physical progress of around 130 per cent last fiscal year.

He said that 42 per cent works of the project had completed so far.

“We are planning to complete 70 per cent works of the projects in the current fiscal year 2019/20,” he added.

Construction of the runway, taxi-way, apron, administrative building and other structures, earth cutting, culverts, irrigation canal, drainage etc. are the major works performed under the project last fiscal year, Adhikari said.

Similarly, the Gautam Buddha International Airport project made 96 per cent physical and 91.64 per cent financial progress last fiscal year in contrast to 80.88 per cent physical and 86.5 per cent the previous fiscal year.

Prabesh Adhikari, chief of the Gautam Buddha Airport, said that 80.25 per cent works of the project have completed so far.

Construction of the runway, buildings, cross roads, control tower, perimeter road, drainage and fencing are major works performed in the project last fiscal year, he said.

The Nijgadh International Airport made 90 per cent physical and 93.18 per cent financial progress last fiscal year as per its target. It had made only 39.44 per cent physical and 7.61 per cent financial progress the previous fiscal year.

Fencing and river embankment were the major physical works carried in the Nijgadh International Airport last fiscal year. The project has provided land compensation of around 66 bigaha of land out of 90 bigahas of land, said Om Narayan Sharma, chief of the project.

Likewise, the Pashupati Area Development Fund and Lumbini Development Fund has made 83.7 per cent and 100 per cent physical progress and 54.52 per cent and 99.99 per cent financial progress respectively last fiscal year.

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