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Prabeen Awasthi

People have felt respite as the country has achieved stability following the three-tier elections in 2017. Now many are talking about ‘prosperity’ as the motto of Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali has caught their fancy. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has articulated this snappy slogan reflecting the aspirations of Nepalis. They are fed up with chronic instability and political bickering for decades.
Our country is slowly making strides in different fields, including education, health, technology, communication and transportation. It is time to give momentum to economic development. One reason why we have failed to achieve inclusive prosperity is that right people are not appointed in right place.
For example, our education sector has been plagued by various bizarre discrepancies. A person who has never published an article in an academic journal becomes a research head at the universities. An individual who does not know how to teach students gives a lecture on ‘teaching methods’ or ‘effective teaching.’ A person who never succeeded in Public Service Commission exams writes books on how to top PSC exam. Those who never secured 50 marks out of 100 in exams deliver a lecture on the ways to secure good marks.
In the political realm, we confront far grimmer reality. A political leader with no idea on the social and economic development is taken as visionary one. A corrupt individual is honoured as a social worker. Those who neglect their duty cultivate their image as honest persons. A person involved in human trafficking becomes a social worker.
Instead of resisting such malfeasance, we passively accept them. This is all happening because we blindly follow some people and political parties. Most of us do not find anything to define ourselves so we introduce ourselves in relation to others. This is a shame! We do not possess enough gut to take decision independently on burning issues. This psychological factor has obstructed our progress.
We should learn from the countries such as South Korea and Japan that made miraculous economic progress within a short span of time. The reason behind their rapid development is that they embraced the policy of appointing the right person in the right place at the right time. They are free from various misconceptions and have learnt to distinguish between right and wrong.
Then, why don’t we replicate the success stories of these advanced nations right from now? Let’s be honest, try to live independently, make ourselves free from discriminatory political beliefs and learn to develop as well as believe in one’s potentiality. Let’s follow the path of truth to ensure stability and prosperity in the nation. If we work without vested interest, we can realise the lofty goal of Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali. 


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