Monkeys terrorise Shivapuri locals

By Ramhari Gajurel, Nuwakot, Aug 12: Monkey menace has gripped the locals of Shivapuri Rural Municipality, Nuwakot, as the simians have been attacking locals and destroying their farm crops.

The locals, due to a slew of assaults by the simians over the years, have started feeling threatened by the monkeys. The troop of monkeys attack the village, especially in the months from June to September.

The local farmers also grieved that the troops of monkeys would attack their farmlands and destroy all the crops. Many people including women and children have been injured in the monkey’s attack while they were trying to shoo the simians away, informed Hari Bhetwal, a local.

Man Kumari Thapa, an elderly person, was injured in the monkey attack at Kaphaldanda. Thapa is now undergoing treatment at the local health post.

Jethi Tamang, 70, who had gone to the farm to collect animal fodder, has also been seriously injured by monkeys. Tamang’s both legs have sustained injury. Also, Bimala Pandey has also become a victim of the monkey menace.

“Even though we have been complaining about the monkey turmoil time and again in the Rural Municipality, it has not been able to take any action,” said the locals.

Many other Rural Municipalities of Nuwakot district have also been affected by the turmoil.

As this is the season of corn harvesting, the troop of monkeys, in number exceeding 100 sometimes, enter the village and destroy the maize crops. “Both, the harvests and our lives are in peril,” said Man Bahadur Tamang, a local farmer.

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