Jute farmers lack modern technology

moriagBy Our Correspondent
Morang Aug. 23 : Farmers of the district have been facing major difficulties due to lack of modern technologies in jute farming. 

The farmers used to sell one man (40kgs) jute at Rs. 1,600 to the vendors. The vendors then used to sell the same amount of jute at Rs. 2,500. Last year, the rate increased up to Rs. 2,600.

From the profit earned last year, a lot of farmers were attracted towards jute farming this year as well. According to Nunulal Urau, Chief, Agriculture Education Centre, Sunsari, jute farming has expanded in additional 100 hectares of land in fiscal year 075/076.

In fiscal year 074/075, jute farming was done in 1,050 hectares of land. Jute farming was done in 500 hectares of land in Dhanpalthan Rural Municipality, 250 hectares of land each in Sunbarsi Municipality and Jahada Municipality, 100 hectares r in Ratuwamai Municipality and 50 in Rangeli Municipality.

In the hope of making more profit, the farmers have rapidly been growing jute, using the traditional farming method.

Shyam Kumar Mandal, a local of Sunbarsi said, “Last year, I had invested Rs. 35,000 in jute farming. I sold it at Rs. 1,600 per man.”

Mandal said that he lost Rs. 21,000 for not being able to store the product for 21 days.

“Since I was not able to store, I had to sell it to other vendors who later sold it making a profit of Rs. 900 per man.”

The farmers said that the traditional method of jute farming was a task of botheration.

Farmer Pramod Yadav of Sunbarsi said, “We were benefitted from the farming last year. The rate, this year is also satisfactory.”

Yadav believed that he would have a decent earning from the farming.

The farmers were attracted to jute farming because they could also grow wheat after it.

But they have been facing problem due to lack of pond and water facilities required to decay the jute.

Ram Dev Singh, Chief, Agriculture Information Centre, Biratnagar, said that even though new technology was introduced for jute production, it was not successful.

According to Singh, rather than traditional water pond, a water stream would be appropriate for decaying the produced jutes.

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